Sweet Cheat – Chocolate Milk

Eric Schleien reviews this fantastic keto chocolate milk mix. Eric gives it a perfect score!

Today, I’m excited to try out keto-friendly chocolate milk powder made by Sweet Cheat.

Sweet Cheat is a family owned business. The company was started in an effort to help the owner’s friends and family members enjoy the sweet things in life without overloading on sugar. They love that their products have helped many others achieve this goal too.

The company is still small, but growing! The company loves to hear how their customers have used their products to find some sweetness while living a more balanced lifestyle.

For full disclosure, Sweet Cheat did send us a sample of their product to try, but like always – we give honest reviews and will not butter up (grass-fed style of course) a company because they sent us samples. The only promise we make is that we will give an honest review.

Sweet Cheat | Eric Schleien | Chocolate Milk


Inulin fiber, cocoa powder, monk fruit

Nutritional Information

Sweet Cheat | Eric Schleien | Chocolate Milk | Nutrition


This chocolate milk was absolutely delicious. It tasted exactly like the real thing! It did NOT taste like some alternative chocolate milk with weird sweeteners. The milk was decadent and rich. I could not have asked for smoother milk. It was also incredibly easy to prep. I just poured milk into a bowl and whisked it for a few seconds until the milk became super frothy and smooth. You can pick up Sweet Cheat here.

Final Score: 10


Sweet Cheat Chocolate Milk

A keto chocolate milk that tastes exactly like the real thing.


  • Just like the real thing
  • Rich
  • Decadent
  • Smooth
  • Velvety


  • None

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