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    Eric Schleien reviews Caviar Russe, Salmon Caviar (salmon roe), which is sold at Whole Foods.

    REBBL Vanilla Almond Keto Elixir

    It’s Eric Schleien again stuck in quarantine and drinking lots of keto-friendly drinks. I had the pleasure of trying out REBBL’s new Vanilla Almond Keto Elixir Drink. I recently also featured their chocolate cousin as well which you can see, here.

    We have also featured some other keto-friendly drinks which you can see below:

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    Nutritional Information

    The macros on this are great. 4G net carbs, 10G plant protein, and 20G of fats including 11-13G of coconut MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). The full ingredient list and nutritional information can be seen below:
    REBBL Vanilla Keto Nutritional Information


    Just like REBBL’s Chocolate Keto drink, the vanilla keto drink was also delicious. I can’t say anything bad about it other than for some people it may have a slight (and I mean super slight) chalky vanilla aftertaste. However, it’s so hardly noticeable and the vanilla notes are strong and delicious and really roll off your tongue like a beautiful musical chord in the key of G# (which happens to be my favorite key to play and sing in….but I digress)

    Eric Schleien holding a vanilla keto drink


    Where To Buy

    You can buy REBBL’s Vanilla Almond Keto Elixir right on  Amazon for all your drinking pleasures.

    REBBL Vanilla Keto

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