Lemonade Stoka Bars

Eric Schleien reviews Lemonade Stoka Bars from Stoka Nutrition

Hi, it’s Eric Schleien with another food review from Stoka Nutrition. In this article, I’m trying out Lemonade Stoka Bars as part of a Stoka Bar Variety Pack the company sent to us. To see our Stoka Vanilla Almond Cereal Review – click here.

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These bars are Keto, Paleo, Low Carb/Glycemic, Vegan, and Gluten Free. The lemonade bars also have a crunchy and wonderful texture yet also have a little soft give to them too. It’s a nice consistency! Now for those who know Eric and Zach Schleien, you’d know that we used to love selling lemonade when we were kids. If only we had these lemonade stoka bars with us too we would have made a fortune (well probably not).

Eric Schleien Holding Lemonade Stoka Bar


4g Net Carbs
9g Protein
6g Fiber

lemonade stoka bar 2 - eric schleien


If you like lemon bars, you MAY like these. They are certainly less lemon than a lemon bar and more like a lemon flavored granola bar. They were delicious. They had a slight chalky texture that fell apart easily, however I did love the crunch and the consistency while not great, was good! There was no aftertaste, however, it does become a little weird in your mouth after chewing. Overall it’s a solid lemon flavor bar that I’d score a 7.4!

Eric Schleien Holding Lemonade Stoka Bar | Keto Lion Eric Schleien Holding Lemonade Stoka Bar Again | Keto Lion

Where To Buy

Lemonade Stoka Bars can be purchased on Amazon or on Stoka’s website.

For those feeling adventurous – there’s also a variety pack you can purchase as well.


Lemonade Stoka Bars

A lemon flavored keto bar from Stoka Nutrition


  • Tasty
  • Good Crunch
  • No Aftertaste
  • Clean Ingredients
  • Filling


  • Chalky
  • Weird Consistency After Being Chewed

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