Doc’sTea: Sangria

A bland and disgusting keto friendly drink

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I walk to Whole Foods a lot. As I shared in a previous post, the other day I had walked to Whole Foods to pick up my dinner and decided to get two drinks on my way back to help quench my thirst on a very hot day (and also after I had walked a few miles in that heat). One of my drink purchases was Doc’sTea Sangria which looked delicious.

Doc'sTea Sangria

The Ingredients

Doc'sTea Sangria Ingredients

Doc'sTea Nutrition Sangria


I would describe this drink as bland and unappealing. There was not much to excite my taste buds. I found the drink incredibly boring and tasteless. It’s like those sweetened waters that are too watery and you end up getting this bizarre fruit aftertaste making it worse than if it was just pure water. I think this drink has potential if they made it stronger. However, this doesn’t even taste like Sangria. If I had to describe this drink, it’s basically strange tasting water with a pear and grape aftertaste. It was pretty disgusting. I couldn’t even finish the bottle while walking several miles in the heat (yes, that’s how bad this was).

Where To Buy

If for reason, you’re still interested in trying this drink, you can find Doc’sTea Sangria on Amazon.


Doc'sTea: Sangria

Eric Schleien reviews Doc'sTea Sangria


  • High-Quality Ingredients


  • Bland
  • Awkward Flavor
  • Aftertaste
  • Doesn't taste like sangria

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