Caviar Russe: Salmon Caviar

Eric Schleien reviews Caviar Russe, Salmon Caviar (salmon roe), which is sold at Whole Foods.


Today I’m trying out the Salmon Roe sold at Whole Foods by Caviar Russe.

When eating a keto diet, I highly recommend going for nutrient density. This will make you feel energized and all-around feel really good. There’s a reason the carnivore diet has become so popular as it stressed nutrient density. Caviar is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. It is truly a super-food.



When choosing caviar, you want to be mindful that all you are getting in fish eggs. Some of the other brands have chemicals and added sugars. You want to stay away from that if possible and stick to fresh fish eggs with nothing else added.

Whole Foods sells a wonderful salmon roe caviar by Caviar Russe which.

Overall, I give these a perfect 10. The price is right and the taste is delicious. If you like salmon sushi, you will love these nutrient-dense morsels that pop in your mouth with flavor.



Salmon Roe, Salt


Where To Buy

On Amazon through Whole Foods.


Caviar Russe: Salmon Caviar

A delicious and clean nutrient-dense salmon roe sold at Whole Foods.


  • Flavorful
  • Fresh
  • No Added Fillers

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