Baba’s Bucha – Ruby Sipper

A tart and refreshing kombucha drink.

Today I’m excited to announce a review of what’s become of my new favorite kombucha brands: Baba’s Bucha. I’ve always been a fan of Kombucha ever since I discovered GT’s Kombucha years back. Recently, I discovered a new kombucha brand which has now become one of my favorite’s: Baba’s Bucha. In this post, I’ll be reviewing their Ruby Sipper flavor which is low sugar and keto friendly. Recently, I’ve been trying the different flavors while at Whole Foods in Philadelphia. If you want to see a few other keto friendly drinks I’ve reviewed check out my review on Suja’s Lemongrass Lime Probiotic Drink and also DocsTea Sangria. However, this time, I sampled a flavor at Saxbys.

Baba's Bucha | Ruby Sipper Kombucha | Baba's Brew | Eric Schleien
Ruby Sipper Kombucha | Baba’s Brew


Organic raw kombucha (triple filtered water, cane sugar*, tea*, kombucha culture*), hibiscus flowers*

*Organic and Fair Trade


Ruby Sipper by Baba’s Bucha is definitely in the top 10 brews I’ve had in my entire lifetime. The bubbles are small and light making this drink easy to drink down during a hot summer day. Some kombucha’s are so fizzy that the only way to drink it is in small sips. This, I can drink while on a walk replacing a sports drink. The sugar content is also incredibly low coming out to 9 grams for an entire bottle. Aside from the fact that this drink looks beautiful and quite classy, it’s also incredibly refreshing and tart at the same time. This is VERY hard to do well and Baba’s pulls this off perfectly with this brew (would literally rank the balance between tart, sweet, and refreshing an 11 if I could!). It pretty much tastes like a mix of tart cherries and cranberries with maybe a slight hint of raspberry.

Baba's Bucha | Saxbys | Eric Schleien
The badass baristas showing off their kombucha on tap at Saxbys Coffee in Philadelphia, PA | Photo Credit: Eric Schleien | (c) 2019


If you like kombucha, you will LOVE this drink. It has just the right balance of tart and sweet, is incredibly refreshing and flavorful…like DEEP DEEP rich flavor is the only way I can describe this. It actually reminds me a bit of Raspberry Lambic Framboise (not Keto FYI).


Here’s a list of all locations of where to buy Baba’s Bucha.


Baba's Bucha - Ruby Sipper

Delicious, crisp, and refreshing.


  • Perfectly Balanced
  • Rich Flavor
  • Refreshing
  • Perfectly Balanced Effervescence


  • Literally NOTHING

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